Album Review: Flume – Flume

20 year old Australian born Flume backs up his impressive debut EP ‘Sleepless’ with his even more impressive album, ‘Flume.’ First and foremost I hate comparing artists to another, but Flume’s musical sounds are very much comparable to a band that has just burst onto the scene, the UK’s ‘Everything Everything.’ The success of this band has led me to believe that Flume will be next and after listening to the album I definitely can’t see why not. A mix of alternative techno and eerie haunting vocals, the sounds are distinctive and pleasing on the ear. Flume teams up with a variety of artists, from ‘T-Shirt’ an American rapper, to ‘Chet Faker’ a singer/songwriter and fellow Australian. Chet Faker links up with Flume for the promo track of the album ‘Left Alone’ and also my favourite, Chet Fakers vocal matching Flumes style perfectly. Another song that I just can’t get out of my head is ‘Insane’ featuring Alex Ward, which is another perfect match up. At 20 years of age and an already growing fan base this is a hugely promising beginning to an, one would suspect, illustrious career. An album you will have on repeat for weeks.


First published: January 29, 2013


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