Film Review: Dredd, directed by Pete Travis

Set in a futuristic post apocalyptic world the film is an all out action thriller. This world is riddled by drugs and violence with the majority of people living in slums. The only people keeping order are a specially selected few called ‘Judges’ who lay down the law as they see fit. We follow ‘Judge Dredd’ (Karl Urban) with his trainee (Olivia Thirlby) as they respond to a routine triple homicide in one of the most feared neighbourhoods, a 200 foot storey tower block. What seems to be a routine case soon turns to all out bedlam as a high profile drug gang run by leader ‘Ma-Ma’ turn on the Judges. Locked in the compound with no way out and with hundreds of criminals baying for their blood, surely theres no way out for them? A weak narrative that is made up for by pure action the film is a bit hit and miss. ‘Judge Dredd’ doesn’t exactly send shivers down my spine and some moments are very corny. Despite this, the film does have some really cool shots mostly the slow mo ones, which go a bit psychedelic (obviously linking into the films narrative). The film ends in a way which means we could be seeing ‘Judge Dredd’ on our screens again in a follow up, and if I was you I would wait for that.


First published: February 3, 2013