Feature: My Top 5 Musicians Speaking Out on Racism

Like many, I’ve been following the news of the shocking and appaling murder of an unarmed black man, George Floyd, by police in Minneapolis, USA. The consequential outrage of his killing has not only sparked protests there, but spread to other cities in the United States too and across the world, with demostrations in Auckland, Berlin, London, and more. George Floyd’s death, and the circumstances surrounding it, is one of many examples of police brutality and racism towards the black community in America. As things began to boil up over the murder of Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia, and Breanna Taylor in Louisevill, and the consequent investigation (or the lack of), things have now boiled over to the point where enough is enough, and things need to change. The worldwide response shows that this sort of racist behaviour isn’t just succluded to America, the insututional day-to-day injustices and the things we don’t see, are happening all over.

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Film Review: The Sweeney, directed by Nick Love

Based on the 70’s UK TV show ‘The Sweeney’ tells the story of a division of detectives in the Metropolitan Police Force. This team, which features Ray Winston and Ben Drew (Plan B), tackles the problem of heists and robberies across the city of London. The film follows them in the pursuit of a major player in this world, who they feel has come back after a long absence. Whilst trying to resolve this situation they are also under attack from above who want to shut them down, feeling their rough tactics and alleged abusing of the law is tarnishing the police’s reputation. The film is an all in action thriller including numerous car chases, gun battles and obviously Ray Winston’s ‘charm.’ Despite all the action, the film really lacks a strong narrative and you are sometimes left laughing at some of the comical and corny scenes. Ray Winston lives up to the stereotypical bad cop and plays the role well with much admiration of how Ben Drew (Plan B) took on his part in the film. Overall it lacks in storyline and struggles to keep your full attention throughout, if you’re a fan of Jason Statham or ‘The Expendables’ then this might be the film for you, but for me it’s not one that’s going to live long in the memory.


First published: January 27, 2013

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