Film Review: Silver Linings Playbook, directed by David O. Russell

Finally got around to watching this Oscar nominated film and I was not disappointed. Funny, quirky and extremely well put together it is one of the best films I have watched this year. The film revolves around teacher Pat Solitano (Bradley Cooper), who has just been released from a mental institution and Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence), a mysterious girl with her own issues whom Pat meets at a dinner party. The two are en-circled in a strange and wonderful love story, but the issues that the both of them behold act as barriers, Pat still loves his ex-wife and Jennifer is still in a mourning period after the death of her husband. They find solace and a way to  break down the boundaries in gymnastics, with Jennifer having a competition coming up that they can work towards. The film climax’s with the competition and with Pats ex-wife in attendance he has a chance to show that he is fully rehabilitated, a chance for redemption and forgiveness, but has he already fallen in love with Jennifer? A decision has to be made. Jennifer Lawrence was absolutely outstanding in her role fully deserving the Oscar that she won for ‘Best Female Actor’ with Bradley Cooper playing an equally impressive and key part, with myself feeling that he deserved a lot more recognition. A beautiful film that I would recommend watching.


First published: April 14, 2013


Film Review: 50/50, directed by Jonathan Levine

Jonathan Levine’s ’50/50′ tells the story of a 27 year old male who is diagnosed with a rare cancer in his back, leaving his life in turmoil. His seemingly perfect lifestyle is left in tatters. He is sent to a theropist to help him psychology get over these sudden turn of events, although cynical about her theories and methods a bond is formed between them. Dealing with his over-caring mother, party animal best friend and a strained relationship with his girlfriend the film is extremely touching and thought-provoking, taking you through a variety of emotions along the way. Well worth a watch.


First published: December 12, 2012