Album Review: Skepta – Blacklisted

UK rapper Skepta returns with his mixtape entitled Blacklisted, bringing a whole new vibe and feel to his ever growing fan base. The mixtape has a much more chilled out and mellow feel to it than what fans would’ve come accustomed to. Skepta, like many UK rappers, had fallen down the dance/pop route and many critics felt like this was the future for him. Despite relative success in the charts Skepta’s routes had always been in grime/rap music and with this mixtape he returns to this… but bigger, better and stronger than ever. The mixtape really feels like Skepta has matured and evolved as an artist, touching on political, social and cultural matters. The beats of the songs are slower and deeper-sounding, with his vocals sounding much more edgy and cold, allowing the lyrics to really hit you. The mixtape has 12 songs on it, which vary from upbeat like Tour Bus Massacre (feat. Krept & Konan), to reflective like Castles, but all-in-all each track brings something different to the table. It’s this variety and audience retention which makes the mixtape extremely durable and well worth the buy. The new Skepta is a colder more reflective one and has had many fans screaming ‘praise The Lord, he’s back!’


First published: January 26, 2013