Album Review: Sergeant Thunderhoof – Terra Solus

Escapism is an important part of life. Whether that comes from sport, film, art or something else, the escape from the daily rigmarole of work and routine can often be the release that we need. Nothing embodies that notion of escaping the reality more than psychedelic rock, the captivating imagery, and the wandering larger than life sounds, the grandiose vocals and lyrics, it’s a genre bursting with imagination and other-worldliness.

Since the genre beamed its colourful head back in the late 1960s, the sound has been twisted and blended with different styles, each era bowing their heads to the originators, but having their own unique take on it.

In their second full-length album, Terra Solus, Bristol-based rockers Sergeant Thunderhoof embrace the psychedelic idioms and more, blending the traditional psychedelic grooves with the bass-heavy crunching sound of stoner rock, or stoner doom as others like to call it. Like in their first album entitled Ride of the Hoof the narrative of the album focuses on a mythical character called Hoof, and his ‘attempts to traverse the galaxy in search of the truth’.

From the very beginning the album has a Black Sabbath swagger to it, launching out the chorus “She’s made of metal, are you entertained? The world will crumble, in a sea of pain!” Crunching guitar riffs accompany the vocals, like a human catapult flying through the air Terra Solus has begun; only to relent when the 52 minutes of the album is up. From then on we are led down a path of enchantment and discovery, highlights including ‘The Tree and The Serpent’, ‘Diesel Breath’ and the billowing heartfelt ‘Half A Man’. The album draws to a close with the beautifully subtle and genre bending ‘Om Shaantih’, the perfect end to a wildly ambitious and brilliant album. What started back in 2013, as an excuse for old friends to get together once in a while and play music, has turned into a force to be reckoned with.

Terra Solus is available to buy, download and stream on May 12th.


Wriiten for Insomniac Club:

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