Feature: Introducing ‘Quentin Gas & Los Zingaros’

Since I lived in Valencia for a year, I’ve become increasingly interested in Spanish music, not only as a means to learn the language, but learning about the different scenes and innovation that is taking place, stumbling upon some fantastic artists and bands along the way. This led me onto discovering the absolute hidden gem that is Quentin Gas & Los Zingaros, after reading an article on Spanish Psych Rock that a friend sent me, which you can read here. As the name of the article suggests, Quentin Gas & Los Zingaros are a Psychedelic Rock band, but with a twist.

The band hails from the Andalusian capital Seville, a city rich in different cultural influences, having been occupied over the years by many nearby civilizations, including the Romans and the Moors. Both leaving a huge impact on how the city is shaped today. Absorbing all of this diverse history, the band incorporates the varying musical and cultural styles into their own music. Combining this with their personal music tastes, such as the legendary Pink Floyd and Australian band Tame Impala, the result is a melting pot of different ideas, musical instruments, tempos and sounds, a genre-bending style that the band has coined, ‘Psychedelic-Flamenco Rock’.

Their debut album ‘Caravana’ is a journey through these different musical and cultural influences, and as such, is a beautifully compelling listen. Prepare yourselves for a ‘journey through the south and its greatness, walking through the arid lands of flamenco and flying through the multi-coloured skies of psychedelia.’ You can listen to the full album below.

The band have been confirmed to play Bilbao BBK festival later this year, with new music on the horizon. Be sure to keep up to date with them here.

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