Festival Feature: Why Dias De Campo is the ideal festival to attend for every music lover

festival location montanejos

Set in the beautiful surroundings of Montanejos, a small town just outside of Valencia, Spain, Dias De Campo is an electronic music festival organised by prominent Spanish music promoter’s theBasement, in partnership with live music and entertainment company Milkman. Featuring internationally renowned Dutch duo Dekmantel Soundsystem, and DJ’s such as Tiago, Chrissy, MLiR and Abu Sou, the 3-day festival is a must for all lovers of electronic music and nature. You might think that’s a weird combination, but the festival’s ethos is to embrace both, listen to live DJ’s whilst chilling out in the hot springs, and rave until the early hours of the morning in the wooded area situated by the camping. It’s a celebration of the two, and with world class DJ’s and an outstanding location it’s going to be a good one.

As I’ve mentioned, the festival will take place across Montanejos, a small town set in the beautiful mountainous region of Castellon, well known for its hot springs and stunning picturesque views. Throughout the three days both guest and resident DJ’s will play in various locations, mostly by the hot springs and in the woods. On the line-up includes Dekmantel Soundsytem, a Dutch collective spearheaded by Thomas Martojo and Casper Tierlrooij. The duo have worked hard over the years to establish themselves as kings of high quality musical enjoyment, being responsible for a revered underground label, much loved festivals, and a Soundsystem DJ set that covers many different musical basses. Playing back to back, the duo have become known for their seductive surprises and groovy gems, offering a tasteful 360 degree take on electronic music, helping to put the Netherlands and its scene on the map.

festival location montanejos 2

Now, Imagine this… The sun is beating down, you’ve got a beer in one hand and you’re keeping yourself afloat with the other, you’re in one of the beautiful hot springs and house music is blasting out from the DJ booth on the shore. After spending the day tanning, drinking and enjoying the stunning nature that Montanejos has to offer, you’re off to the woods to enjoy a night full of dancing, good vibes and great music – x3. What more could you want?

Buy tickets here – https://xceed.me/events/valencia/31787/dias-de-campo-montanejos-2017

Where?: https://www.milkmankind.com/news/festival-preview

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