Video: Kid Cudi – Solo Dolo (Fan Video)

Music video I did for a college assignment of Kid Cudi’s song ‘Solo Dolo.’ All filmed on my GoPro camera and edited in Final Cut. I’m a huge of Kid Cudi and this is one of my favourite, if not the darkest, tracks off his first studio album ‘Man On The Moon: The End Of Days.’ Whilst producing the music video I really looked into what the song was about and started to put meaning to the lyrics, here’s my conclusion;

The album that the song comes off is itself split into five different parts, this is to add to the cinematic experience that the album offers to the listener and help them connect with it more easily. Solo Dolo comes in part 2 which is called ‘rise of the night terrors’ and we are sent into his nightmares. The song is about himself and his insecurities. He talks about his loneliness ‘listen good I don’t have nobody’ because he no longer knows who to trust anymore, who are his real friends and who are just in it for the ride, with wondering how he is perceived by them and the rest of the world ‘am I, someone whom, you may love, or enemy.’ Whilst trying to deal with this he is also having troubles dealing with his inner thoughts and demons, often getting high and falling asleep to overcome them ‘soaring through paradise when I’m closing my eyes.’ All in all he has his ups and downs and talks about this and how his life is this constant cycle, but has come to accept this. This is where the dual personality part of the song comes into play, one side of him cares about all of this and then the other side of him doesn’t care, mentioning how the two of them are constantly battling ‘hoping what I hear loops itself continuously’ ‘hoping what I hear loops itself to finish me.’ We can tell of the dual personality from the lyrics ‘me the outcast no not the duo’ with the word ‘dolo’ coming from ‘duo’ to rhyme with ‘solo’ creating the catchphrase and songs name ‘Solo Dolo.’ The lyric ‘what I might feel are the sounds of sanity’ is about his insecurities, the fact that he might just be crazy and that no one will understand him. Later on in the song he says ‘ am I speakin’ for, you or yours, or someone else, I need some answers’ wanting to know if he is crazy with these thoughts or whether anyone else is feeling them to. The song was written after the passing of his father, hence the emotion in the lyrics of the song and the added feeling of being lonely.

First published: February 28, 2013

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