Live Review: Bondax & Friends @ Switch, Southampton – 29.11.14

It has been another fantastic year for Bondax. From being bedroom producers, to getting airtime on BBC radio one, to now selling out shows up and down the country, the Lancashire born duo are quite simply killing it. With a new album out featuring the likes of Karma Kid, Darius and Olsen they have managed to shake off the stigma of just being the ‘Northern Disclosure’ (albeit not a bad comparison to have put on you). Having seen all the praise and adulation from publications such as Mixmag, to The Guardian, we at Noise Cannon decided to see what all the fuss was about for ourselves, catching them on there album tour ‘Bondax & Friends’ down in Southampton at Switch.

On a cool Novembers evening the atmosphere inside of Switch was electric. The place was absolutely packed-to-the-rafters, the dance floor compressed into one big mesh of people. Although, great for the owners, promoters and the DJ’s themselves, the audience hardly had space to dance, and with Bondax style of infectious groove and melodic house this was a hard task for many, resorting to hands in the air and limited shuffles. However, a few drink spillages and bumps, nudges, and elbows aside, the crowd was in a joyous mood, reacting nicely, first to Star Slingers mixture of quirky and sample-scattered house, and then onto the main guys themselves, Bondax. Accompanied by K Stewart, who helped gee up the crowd and sing vocals on a number of tracks, the boys lit up the night, showing how far they really have come from being two mates producing in a bedroom. Reeling off a number of tracks off the new album, including there very own remix to Duke Dumont’s summer tune ‘I Got U’, and Kartells ‘Lights’, they showcased what to expect for potential buyers of the album. With the company Vivid Lasers now taking control of the production elements the night was a mesh of appreciating the beautiful sounds of Star Slinger, Bondax and Karma Kid, whilst being in awe of the amazing lasers and pyrotechnics on display. Standing on the balcony and seeing Karma Kid tear things up in front of a packed out Southampton crowd, with an impeccable sound system and laser display was a beautiful sight. Having already had Seth Troxler, Mk and Hot Since 82 this fall, house fans in Southampton have been served a treat.

Long may this continue!


First published: December 4, 2014


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