Single Review: John Newman – Out Of My Head

Having already had a taste of chart success with his critically acclaimed debut album Tribute, John Newman is out to shake up the charts again with his new single ‘Out Of My Head’. The track is the fourth single off the album, following on from previous successful singles ‘Cheating’, ‘Losing Sleep’ and the smash hit ‘Love Me Again’. Newman combines his iconic brassy vocals with a dramatic backdrop in his latest effort, in what looks to be another winning combination.

Oozing with emotion, Newman describes the relationship break-up that inspired his album Tribute, singing the powerful chorus “to shut out feeling lonely I get out of my head, why would you want to love somebody, when love hurts in the end?” Whilst many artists would struggle with the overwhelming piano ballad in the background, Newman shines through, maintaining his soulful tone with ease, he shows why he has been dubbed as the ‘soul of 2014’.

Proving to be the perfectly packaged singer-songwriter, the Yorkshire born Newman has yet again delivered another hit. Doing what he does best he powers through the song with his superb voice standing tall throughout. Not one to be immune from criticism, especially from a younger audience because of an overly mainstream perception, he not only showcases a great voice but an outstanding storytelling capacity as well. This undoubted ability will continue to reap him rewards, rewards that he most definitely deserves.

Can you listen to anything now?

Final Verdict?


First published: April 7, 2014


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