Single Review: Drake – Days In The East

Whilst the media focused on the release of the controversial track ‘Draft Days’, on the undercurrent was the release of the much more sensual ‘Days In The East’. The day before ‘Days In The East’ was released Drake had openly criticised Chance the Rapper and a number of NBA and NFL players, whilst also expressing his affection for Hunger Games actress Jennifer Lawrence on ‘Draft Days’. Expectedly, this mounted a media fury, but as the dust began to settle the focus shifted, as the beautifully melodic ‘Days In The East’ took over.

Produced by PARTYNEXTDOOR, and also featuring frequent collaborator Noah ’40’ Shebib, Drake recounts a trip to Erykah Badu’s house and talks about a rekindled relationship with someone overseas. He raps,

“remember one night I went Erykah Badu’s house, she made tea for me, we talked about love and what life could really be for me” and, “take a flight here, pop a xan for your boy/ wakin’ up in Amsterdam with the boy/ long flight home, another xan for your boy….you would probably kill another man for the boy”.

Drake eluding to his on and off fling with R&B star Rihanna maybe? I think it would be pretty safe to presume so. Drake has seemingly mastered the art of the cross-over of hip-hop and love induced R&B, and ‘Days In The East’ is another soothing banger from the Canadian star.

Can you listen to anything now?

Final Verdict?


First published: April 7, 2014


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