Album Review: Disclosure – Settle

One of the most highly anticipated albums this year dropped a couple of weeks ago on the 3rd of June, and it didn’t disappoint. The UK garage and house pairing of Disclosure have been steadily building noise in the underground scene, and in ‘Settle’ comes a well oiled and polished album, that is ready to take over not only UK charts, but International ones too. The Brothers who grew up in Surrey manage to keep to there traditional four-four house/garage style, infusing this with catchy vocals from the likes of Sam Smith, AlunaGeorge, Eliza Doolittle, Jessie Ware etc, which works really well.

The album combines the slower paced more relaxed tracks, like the singles, ‘Latch’ and ‘White Noise’ with there more characteristically faster paced songs like ‘Stimulation’ and ‘When a Fire Starts To Burn’ superbly, with the finalised product being one of a beautiful single body of work. The album has already been a massive hit by selling just shy of 45,000 copies in its first week, and shooting straight to number one in the charts, but this will come as little surprise to most critics. The singles from the album all did extremely well laying down the foundations, managing to appeal to both a mainstream audience and also garage/house enthusiasts. Their rise in popularity gave them the opportunities to play at massive festivals such as Coachella, where they were the closing act for both Sundays, and also Ultra. This combined with the popularity of dance music rapidly increasing all culminated in the rise and success of the talented duo. Of course, they then had to deliver an album with all this expectation on their back, and that, they most definitely did.


First published: June 12, 2013


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