Album Review: Action Bronson – SAAAB STORIES

Action Bronson gave his ever growing fan base a sneak preview of what a full length album could be like with the release of his 7 track EP entitled ‘SAAAB STORIES.’ Having recently been named in XXL magazines prestigious 2013 freshman class, amongst the likes of Joey Bada$$, Schoolboy Q etc, you could say the pressure was on to live up to this and to impress a new audience that would’ve come about because of it. All in all the EP shows that Action Bronson is well equipped to do this and will continue to progress. Lyrically he is extremely clever, mixing crudeness, obscenity and insightfulness together like they were born to coincide, delivering it all in his usual classical hip-hop style. The production is very smooth and the EP is brilliantly constructed together, with the beats being the stand out area, beautifully matching Bronson’s style of delivery and bringing multiple gasms to your ears. This is all thanks to fellow New Yorker, friend and producer for the EP Harry Fraud, who confidently showcases his unique type of jazz/Mediterranean influenced beats, showing a degree of confidence and further expanding his reputation in the hip-hop industry. It would definitely seem that Action Bronson and Harry Fraud are a match made in heaven, they go together like bread and butter, peanut butter and jelly, a cup of tea and a digestive biscuit. Anyway, I think its safe to say that we will definitely be seeing them team up together for future releases, and I for one can’t wait. The EP is pretty short with the highlights being ‘Strictly 4 My Jeeps’ and ‘Seven Series Triplets’, with also Wiz Khalifa featuring on a track called ‘The Rockers.’ One would presume that this is just a filler for an album to come later on in the year, and if the EP is anything to go by, then the album is going to huge.


First published: June 14, 2013


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