Album Review: Chip – London Boy

London born rapper Chip returns with his free mixtape entitled ‘London Boy.’ The mixtape comes on the back of a recent trip across the pond to America, rejuvenating and refreshing his passion for music. Whilst in America Chip linked up with artists such as TI, Meek Mill and Young Jeezy who all feature. The highly anticipated mixtape doesn’t fail to deliver and boasting collaborations with some of Americas and the UKs top artists Chip has plenty of firepower. My personal favourite tracks are ‘On The Scene’ (featuring T.I and Young Jeezy) and My Crew (featuring Skepta), although the mixtape is consistently good throughout its 20 songs. With the help of top American producers the mixtape dose have an American feel to it with a more deeper sound to the beats and vocals, but Chips distinctive flow is still there, he doesn’t lose his way in that respect. The mixtape is a hugely promising start to an exciting few years coming up for Chip and UK rap as they try to bridge the gap between the British and American hip-hop scenes.


First published: January 24, 2013


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